Полезная информация
Содействуем повышению роли женщины в обществе,
раскрывая ее личностный потенциал,
профессионально помогая в реализации
гражданских и социальных прав

About us

“Business Women Club” is a noncommercial organization which was founded in the frame of International Federation of Business and Professional Women. In 1993 the member of International Federation of Business and Professional Women paid a visit to Brest. The meeting with this lady impressed Brest women and made positive impact on them. Ambitious Brest women started wishing to organize such an organization in Brest, soon Elena Dubovaja became a pioneer of the club. In 1995 "Business Women Club" with the first chairwoman Marina Anohina was registered in Ministry of Justice. Larisa Istomova has been the chairwoman of Brest Women Club since 1997.

During 17 years of work “Business Women Club” has proved to be a professional organization and a reliable partner among non-governmental organizations, funders, governmental organizations on international, national and local levels. “Business Women Club” has always kept up with the time and introduced in its activity all modern tendencies of the work of non-governmental organizations. It has also participated in the civil society development and popularization of the positive image of NGOs, in particular the image of noncommercial organizations which specialize in strengthening of women’s role in solving important social issues.

"Business Women Club" corporate objectives:

  • Consolidating of women for defending their rights and legal interests.


  • Assistance for social formation and increasing of women’s status in the society.

"Business Women Club" corporate activity:

  • Assistance in defending legal rights of women; charity and cultural and educational activity.

"Business Women Club" tasks:

  • Implementation of cultural and educational programs aimed at professional development.
  • Propaganda of business activities run by women, and sharing such business experience within the society.
  • Partnership with international organizations and movements.
  • Holding of charitable actions.

Taking into consideration the tasks faced by “Business Women Club” there can be distinguished the following targets:

  • Prevention and liquidation of women and children rights abuse.
  • Implementation of programs aimed at women’s and children’s health care.
  • Broadcasting of advanced scientific knowledge on HIV and AIDS-problem and healthy living.
  • Assistance in the development of infrastructure of social help for women and their families.
  • Assistance to the governmental bodies in the implementation of programs aimed at women and children support, women and children defense of rights, women’s and children’s health care.

"Business Women Club" conducts its activity with the help of the following methods:

  • Preparing and holding of forums, meetings, seminars, conferences, trainings, “round tables”, contests, exhibitions.
  • Gathering information about women’s position in the society, preparation of documents for application forms directed to the defense of women and children rights.
  • Conducting of information campaigns on programs implemented by “Business Women Club”.
  • Organizing information lines.
  • Distribution in mass media the information on actions and events related to women movement and to the activity of “Business Women Club”, as well as conducting of social researches.
  • Cooperation with executive authorities, governmental authorities and other establishments on the issues which are of interest both for “Business Women Club” and authorities.

“Business Women Club” has been the member of the network of International Federation BPW since 1998.

“Business Women Club” has been the member of network of organizations on counter-trafficking in persons since 2003.

The chairwoman of the club, Larisa Istomova has been the chairwoman of social supervising committee on execution of a punishment under the Main Justice Department of Brest Area Executive Committee.

“Business Women Club” has been in the network of organizations on preventing of domestic abuse since 2012.


Legal address: Belarus, 224030, Brest,
ul. Dzerzhinskogo 14, office 6
Fax: +375 162 218 888
Tel.: + 375 297 203 303
E-mail: bpwbrest@mail.ru
skype: bpwbrest
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bpwbrest/


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